Veselina Markova

Veselina is Fintech Lead at Eleven Ventures, a leading pre-seed and seed venture capital fund in Europe.  Her role encompasses scouting, investment management, and nurturing collaborations to empower fintech portfolio companies in effectively establishing and expanding their businesses.

She boasts an extensive background in the fintech sector, having held key positions in marketing, product development, and corporate communications at major financial institutions, including Mastercard and prominent banks and asset management firms in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, Veselina is a member of the founding team behind the Visa Innovation Program Europe, a pioneering fintech initiative in partnership between Visa and Eleven Ventures. This program serves as a growth platform for emerging fintech talents, focusing on fostering collaboration and real-time experimentation with Visa and its global network of partner banks, non-banking financial institutions, small and medium enterprises, and government entities.