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Digital Trends 2024


Our mission:

To grow the community of tech professionals, digital marketers and c-level executives that will transform our societies and the way we do business.

Our approach:

By giving the stage to some of the brightest digital minds and global trendsetters as well as the inspiring examples of the most successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

About  the event

Where: The primary event location in Bulgaria – the newly renovated and cutting edge Sofia Event Centre. It offers the latest in AV technology, conference systems and a well designed network area.

Address: Cherni Vrah Blvd 100, Paradise Center, Floor 3, Transport: 20 min. to Sofia Airport, Metro station next to the shopping mall exit

Attendees: 500+ guests, C-level executives and business owners

What: All day event (9:00 – 17:00 h.), consisting keynote presentations, discussion panels and workshops

Speakers: More than 20 international and local speakers

Current and previous speakers

Digital Trends 2023

Svetoslav Ivanov

Presenter of "120 minutes" on bTV

Digital Trends 2024

Petra Ehmann

Group Chief Innovation and AI Officer, Ringier

Digital Trends 2024

Sam Sadi


Digital Trends 2023

Vassil Terziev

Mayor of Sofia City, Bulgarian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist

Digital Trends 2023

Matthew Karnitschnig

Chief Europe Correspondent, POLITICO

Digital Trends 2023

Petar Torneff

Managing Director ATC, Accenture Bulgaria

Digital Trends 2023

Lora Ivanova

Key Account Executive, Google Cloud

Digital Trends 2023

Hristo Borisov

Co-founder & CEO, Payhawk

Digital Trends 2023

Momchil Elenkov

Global Fintech BD Director, Rakuten Viber

Digital Trends 2023

Andrey Anastassov

Radio & Podcast Host and Head of Growth, Dreamix

Digital Trends 2023

Lubomir Atanassov

Strategy Lead, Special Projects, Payhawk

Digital Trends 2023

Gurkan Papila

SVP, Tech, tbi bank

Digital Trends 2023

Hristo Tomov

Head of AI, Dreamix

Digital Trends 2023

Elena Nasalevska

General Manager Digital channels, lead management, digital assistants, UBB

Digital Trends 2023

Veselina Markova

Fintech Lead, Eleven Ventures

Digital Trends 2023

Angel Hadjiev

CEO, SeedBlink

Digital Trends 2023

Ivan Gaidarov

Tech Editor & Co-founder of the NOKАUT group

Digital Trends 2023

Andrey Rassiysky

Managing Partner, Alma Consulting Ltd. & Business Partner, Telepoint

Digital Trends 2023

Anton Puliyski

Chairman of Emerging Technologies Integration Cluster (ETIC), Founder and Community manager @ CyberCLUB

Digital Trends 2023

Martin Petrov

Board Member, Sportal Media Group

Digital Trends 2023

Miryana Slavova

Head of Product, Sports, Flutter International

Digital Trends 2023

Dimitris Thanasopoulos

CTO, Kaizen Gaming

Digital Trends 2023

Lazar Agatonovic

CTO, Amusnet

Digital Trends 2023

Mike Golubev

Principle Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Digital Trends 2023

Georgi Stoimenov

Senior Business Development & Gaming Manager, FIFA

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